Life at Campus

Life at R.A. Podar Institute of Management is vibrant, dynamic and extremely engaged one. The classes start at 07.30 a.m. with prayer offering tribute to almighty and seeking his blessings for good deeds and good action. The classes continue till evening with couple of refreshing session in between.

To bring oneness and similarity, uniform is mandatory to the extent that Khadi is compulsory on every Wednesday. Students are conscious of their roles and duties towards academics and social responsibilities as well. There is well stocked library to be visited compulsorily by students often engaged in discussion and deliberations for assignments.

There are regular guest lectures and visit to local industrial units as well as discussion with corporate executives from time to time. Besides there are regular sessions of music, meditation and yoga with sports facilities though limited resulting into beaming faces of students. Life at campus indeed provides ample opportunities for all round  exposure and growth making students a responsible and socially conscious citizen. Come and experience the wonderful life at campus.